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True freedom starts by gaining control over your emotions, as you gain control over your finances. When you pursue your purpose, you will have less stress and gain more joy in every area of your life. As you enrich your life, then you will enrich others lives in which the action will make you feel great!
Unfortunately, many schools doesn't give you the tools empower yourself, so you can live your dreams. Here in Freedom Impact University, we will give you those tools, and confidence to move forward.

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You can complete the course, and start right after you done. In many cases you can start while in are in the course.

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To reinforce the content quizzes will be added to some courses.

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Our Most Popular Courses

These courses have been proven to get you the results you seek. The content is laid out it a order for you to experience the best growth in every area of life!


How to leave your job and make 6 figures

Before you think about quitting your job. Their are successful strategies for leaving your job with less Stress. This course will give you the strategies to transition with multi-streams of income. This course is for Network Marketers, Direct Sales, and the side hustler. You have be serious about building your business and making money from your side business. This course will give you the confidence to walk away on your own terms.

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Your Power to Profits

This course is not for everyone, we will walk the right person through a 6 to 7 week process on structuring a home on the internet that they own and control. We will give them ideas for at least 3 profits centers to include if they choose too. The profit centers in their respected industries net over a Billion dollars annually. We work with them to get their new business legal. Also, we give strategies on marketing it your target audience and going beyond their wildest dreams over time. This is not a get rich scheme!!! All of this basis, on you and the your growth, and learning because everyone will not be at the same place when we start. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is join us when the course open, and go for your dreams.

January 20, 2021

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From Broke to Abundance I

If you came through the government educational system, you learned science/ math and something other to trade your skills for a job. 70 years ago, most people had more Entrepreneur skills than you do today because then people was taught have skills that they can bring into the market place and trade for dollars. Schools do not train individuals to be financially free. In this course, you gain a knowledge and mindset that will assist you make changes in your economy. We will show you what protections you should have in place to protect your income and family. You know it is all about you and your family growth into the life you deserve to live. Black Friday and Holiday Sale the regular price is $147.00.

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From Broke to Abundance II

This is an advance course from From Broke to Abundance I. Were the student will learn how to be an investor on an introduction level and understand different levels of streams of income. By now you should have a greater understanding why Cash Flow is very important to Your economy! Saving for emergency is one thing, but investing is for real growth is another. Your knowledge basis in different opportunities will grow and you will start to recognize the opportunities that fit you. Black Friday Sale regular price $197.00

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Why be a copy when you are an Original?

When you take the talent you was given at birth and learn to master it. Doors will open for you!

Melvin D. Carter, DTM— Founder & CEO.

The skills that you will gain from these courses are designed for you to master your purpose.  Giving the strategy that school should have you before you graduated of High School. The course are relevant to you in days world, creating the lifestyle that you deserve!

This platform is used by other Universities and Fortune 500 Corporations.  We are determined to deliver the best content on the one the best platform in the industry. You are rewarded when you complete the subject matter.

You will be learning from experts that has been getting real life results not just passing on  theory.

What Our Students Have to Say

I have learned so much from courses that FIU has empowered to move forward in business after leaving my job. I have been in business for 17 years since the training.
H. Frye
From Dallas, USA
There's nothing like a live training, but this gets the education out there when live training just are not able happen. I know it's a lot of preparation, so want you to know it is appreciated!
A. Ferron
From Roanoke
Excellent! And a great Course! Thank for sharing your wisdom.
L. Kennedy
From Germany
Melvin and FIU, help me to gain the confidence in building my business. I have started over 8 years ago. Where I take trips back for three months at time.
A. Kondo
From Togo, West Africa

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