About Us

The decision to create FIU was 17 years in the creation, this University is bridging the real gap between the rich and poor. Their is education that is keeping many people financially and emotional depress for generations. The other is teaching people to grow into their financial independence. Our learning experiences are easy and fun because it is real life situations. When you complete a course you will be awarded.

Melvin D. Carter, Jr DTM-Founder & CEO
Lisa Lu- COO

Our Story

We developed, Freedom Impact University, from over 100 years in Personal Development and traditional Education. The education was passed down from Melvin's great grand-parents has came through the Great Depression of 1929. Many Americans from all back grounds were entrepreneurial before 1964 Civil Right Act. It was time when we a humans were more creative and lived in the world possibilities despite the racial tension.

What we have learned, when you know more about yourself and the (gifts)ideas that was given to you. Once you are given a strategies and tools to move forward. You will become empowered to take action. You will gain the skills that change your situation for the better. Once you become financially literate, understand sells and marketing working something you already doing but in the right order. You will always be able to your self and family.

We have courses that will assist you to find your true purpose in life, and if you already found that purpose than we have courses that will get you strategies in moving forward in being profitable, productive,  save you time, and have greater impact on your world.

What Our Students Have to Say

I have learned so much from courses that FIU has empowered to move forward in business after leaving my job. I have been in business for 17 years since the training.
H. Frye
From Dallas, USA
There's nothing like a live training, but this gets the education out there when live training just are not able happen. I know it's a lot of preparation, so want you to know it is appreciated!
A. Ferron
From Roanoke
Excellent! And a great Course! Thank for sharing your wisdom.
L. Kennedy
From Germany
Melvin and FIU, help me to gain the confidence in building my business. I have started over 8 years ago. Where I take trips back for three months at time.
A. Kondo
From Togo, West Africa

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