From Broke to Abundance I

This is the Missing Classroom at You Need in school!

Have you ever wonder  why schools do not teach financial literacy to all to students?  Why your family economic situation did not change much from one generation to the next?  One reason is that government needs workers to keep the economy to going and keep the rich, rich and create a strong tax basis for the government! If your  family born into poverty 90% likely to stay poverty because of their mindset and habits. Working is not bad, however working with no growth is bad.

In this course, you will learn how to break the those bad habits of poverty that make you feel that you don’t have control of your money.  You will make the changes in how you view money, relationships with money and others. You will learn ways for make your money a slave to you in turn  move you toward the freedom and life you deserve.   

Expert Reviews

Sometimes going to the fundamentals is more important than achieving great success and can not hang on the success. These are real people whose is continuing to have success.

Melvin, thanks for teaching me to how to grow my business. My income increased by 30k in the 6 month after applying your strategies.
M. Booker
Cleaning Business
Melvin has given me the confidence to move in my life and saved me from a bad situation.
T. Dillard
Coaching Client
Melvin, you will change the world for better!
J. Yoder
Sale Manager

Life Change when you decide to Change!

Today  is the day when you decide to take control of your future. We need you!


Why this is course needed?

Think about it for a two minutes, if the government and corporations control your income. They will control your life style and quality of living even at a so call living wage. This course will assist and pull more people out of poverty and give individuals the resources that they can pass on to the next generation. 

What is this course main focus?

This course  focus you gaining understanding what money is truly, and how to use it work for you. Break up false beliefs that been holding you back from the success you define. Teach you about opportunities for increasing your income and quality of living.

Is the course self-pace?

Yes, however this course should take a two or three weeks to complete if you do the work.

Who is this course design to help ?

This course is design to assist those who need clarity on money and gain investment knowledge that wasn’t taught in school. This isn’t for everyone but is those who want  a greater understanding of financial opportunities that exist but besides working in someone else dream called a job.