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Course Description

This course is for those people  are in Network Marketing,  Direct Sales, and started a part-time hustlers who  seriously  growing their business and wanting to leave your  9 to 5.  The problem is  most entrepreneurs  quit their before they should without a strategy.  “I’m going be Rich!” than they jump off the job before they should and end up back in a job within 2 years.  This course will walk through a couple strategies so that day you quit your job. You can leave your job and  have a serious strategy with growth and security that will carry into the future with less stress.

Always transition with a plan is important when you have others that depend on you. 

Key concepts covered include:

  •  Transition Mindset
  •  Financial Foundation
  •  Multi-Streams Of Income
  • Managing your bad debt
  • How to look at Credit
  •  Exit Plan
  • and more …

Are you ready to free yourself and move forward with a plan?