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Course Description

This is 6 week course has a scheduled opening and close date twice a year.  Your Power to Profits  this course  you will gain tools to start building  your online business that is  line with your purpose. You will gain foundations for a professional, profitable business, and that will be actionable on your time frame.  You will learn the strategies of the corporate world to build an online and offline business that you will be confident in letting the world know.  In the course, you will be given three (3) products and services that alone each are in billion dollar industries annually.  This course isn’t leveraging  your skills to make money but will show you how to create multi-streams income out of what you know.  For the person who has a product or service the you want people to find online.

Why develop a course like this?  Most entrepreneurs want to get in the online space even if you have a traditional business.  Coming from a traditional business background in sales and marketing.  No one goes door-to-door to sale products or services anymore.  More  Millionaires are being created online through products and services.  Educational  systems are slow in catching up  in educating  people on the plethora of opportunities to be gain in the online space.  This course will give you nuts and bolts to building your online present, and give actionable ideas that you can use as you build your home on the internet and a global business. You will have a products and services that you own out right and control your prices.

Key Concepts covered include:

  • Getting Business Legal
  • Building your online home
  • At least 3 stream of income will be shown
  • Getting comfortable with Sales (Mindset Hack)
  • How to market yourself and your business.  (Sales Hack)
  • Why get comfortable speaking online and offline
  • and more