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 The  problem is  educational  system  don’t teach money in away that will enrich you to participate in the economic freedoms the as an human being.  Schools and Universities has trained most people to be consumers and work for the rich even though most people become cynical and jealous of them.  As a consumer you might feel that you are not in control of their life because everything requires money. You was told go to school and get a good education and safe and secure job.  Even in a pandemic, if your job is essential you are laid off and you are  hoping that you were an asset to your organization. Many small businesses are not coming back.   The Solution is  that you believe that  you are  essential!  Students  that invest in this course  will learn how the wealthy view  money and make it work for them.  In turn will give  you a great feeling of control over their finances and security for your family. You will gain a strong understanding of money,  so you will gain more time,  more happiness, and the freedom you deserve.  You will gain more control of your income in good times or bad times, and understanding why you should have multi-streams of income and not a second job. 

Warning !!! If you go through this course everything will change the way you look at money and give you unlimited possibilities in what you can do!!

Key concepts covered include:

  • Why financial Literacy been left out School
  • Why your Mindset is Important
  • Debt is the new slavery
  • Difference between Good and Bad debt
  • Why you need have a growth plan
  • How to control your finances
  • Why you need multiple streams of income
  • And more